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Top 3 Reasons Your Home Can Benefit From A Solar Powered Attic Fan

Solar powered attic fans benefits

Any established roofing contractor can tell you about the importance of having proper ventilation for your home, including an attic fan for circulation. Since that fan is directly related to keeping your home cooler by starting at the highest and hottest point - the attic - it only makes sense to have one that's powered by the sun.

When things heat up, that's when you need your attic fan the most. The more sun there is, the more power there is for your fan. The two work together cohesively.

Take Advantage Of Solar Power

Heat and moisture are invisible enemies attacking your home, usually starting at the highest point. This pent up humidity can go unnoticed and unchecked for some time, taking up residence in your attic. Over time, heat and moisture cause damage and destruction, not just to your roofing system but also to your attic, insulation, and will eventually compromise the structural integrity.

  • Prevent Repairs for Roof and HVAC

Creating circulation and releasing trapped, stagnant air makes it less likely for you to suffer damage to your roof or air conditioning system. You'll save money and have less stress when you don't have to worry about frequent residential roof or AC repairs.

  • Lower Cooling Bills

An attic fan will alleviate the hot sweltering conditions attics are famous for. You'll naturally have a cooler home, and that means your air conditioning doesn't have to work double-time to keep the temperature lower - and that reduces your monthly utility costs!

  • Greener Home

When you reduce the strain your HVAC goes through to do its job, that's a step in the right direction for reducing your carbon footprint. By also using a solar powered attic fan, you're doubling your Eco-friendliness. Anyone looking for a greener household needs this type of attic fan.

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