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Your Atlanta Solar Roofing Tile Specialists

All In One Exterior proudly takes care of Atlanta customers by installing solar roofing tile from Eagle Roofing Products and Suntech Power, who have formed a partnership that has resulted in the Eagle Solar Roof with SolarBlend™ from Suntech, a system that maintains the aesthetics of a tile roof while generating clean, safe, efficient electricity from the sun.

The Eagle Solar Roof is easy to install on residential, commercial or institutional pitched roofs and is appropriate for use in new construction or reroof. Contact us when you need a local roofing contractor for solar roofing tile.

All In One Exterior Solar Roofing Tile Specialists, Serving Atlanta GA, Alpharetta GA and Marietta GA.

If you Would Like to Know more Information About Solar Roofing Tile Please Feel Free to Contact Us or Call in Atlanta at 404-445-8136. From solar tile to solar powered attic fans, we offer the products and services that make your household greener.

Professional Service For Your Solar Roofing Tile

When you need an Atlanta roofing contractor, you can count on us - even for solar roofing tile service. This option is a durable, reliable solar choice:

  • 25 Year power warranty Free internet monitoring system for 10 years
  • Class A Fire Rated System Installation
  • Wind load rating of up to 125 mph (with wind clip)
  • Most advanced building integrated photovoltaic solution available
  • Beautifully and unobtrusively integrates with concrete tile roof
  • Designed to help prevent leaks
  • Provides quiet, safe and reliable power generation
  • Saving you money every month
  • Significantly reduces monthly energy bill
  • Get credit from your local utility for power your home produces
  • 30% Federal tax credit is available
  • Adds significant resale value to the home
  • Protect yourself from utility cost increases
  • Rest assured in your low maintenance, state-of-the-art system

Monthly Energy Savings, a California Residential Example*

Energy savings will depend on electricity use, sun hours and the size and orientation of the solar system. See below for an example of energy savings from a northern California residence.

  • Monthly electric bill$238.14
  • Monthly electricity use956 kWh AC
  • Solar system size required to
  • remove top most expensive tiers5.3 kW DC
  • Monthly electricity production
  • from solar system662 kWh AC
  • Monthly electricity consumption
  • from utility294 kWh AC
  • New monthly electric bill$34.71
  • Monthly savings$203.43 (85%)

Increased Appraisal Value

"A solar electric system increases home value by $20,000 for each $1,000 in annual reduced operating costs, according to the Appraisal Institute. … That is to say, if a solar system can reduce the electric bill by $1,000 per year, the home is worth about $20,000 more in increased appraisable value.

A solar electric system compares very favorably with other home improvements in percentage of cost recovered. Often, a solar system can recover much more than 100% of its cost and this percentage actually increases over time as electric rates rise."

—Andrew J. Black, Why Is A Solar Electric Home Worth More?

Environmental Responsibility

Each month, a two kilowatt solar roof can significantly and positively impact the environment in the following ways:

  • Prevent 300 lbs. of coal from being mined Prevent 600 lbs. of CO2 from entering the atmosphere
  • Prevent 210 gallons of water from being consumed
  • Prevents NO and SO2 from being released into the environment
  • Help you preserve precious resources for your grandchildren
  • Allow you to feel good about being environmentally responsible

—Source: Solar Energy International Organization

How Solar Works

  • The sun´s light produces energy that is collected by SolarBlend roofing tiles.
  • The energy collected is channeled to the inverter.
  • The inverter changes the DC electricity to AC electricity for household use.
  • AC electricity not used by the house is fed into the grid.
  • Monitor system performance over the internet.

Your Solar System Size Depends On Your Solar Goal

  • You can create any size system.
  • More panels means more solar power produced.
  • It just depends on what you want the system to do.
  • You can choose to produce enough solar power to reduce your energy bill by 25% or 50%.
  • You can choose to produce enough solar power to keep your energy use through the utility below the highest priced rate tiers.
  • You can choose to produce enough solar power to stop using energy from the utility grid. That is to say that you can net out to zero electricity supplied by the utility grid.

Sizing A Solar System: A California Residential Example

  • Use your past electric bills to estimate annual kilowatt hour (kWh) usage.

Example: A California household used 8,600 kWh AC last year.

  • What do you want your solar system to do? How many kWh will your system need to produce to fulfill this goal?

Zero out electric bill (if possible) Remove most expense tiers on electric bill Install the largest solar system possible

Example: The homeowner wants to offset all of their energy usage, or as much as possible given roof space and other factors. The goal is to produce 8,600 kWh AC per year with the solar system.

  • Determine which roof plane is facing the optimal direction (south). Determine the tilt of this roof plane and the square feet available for the solar system.

Example: This home has approximately 300 square feet of unobstructed, un-shaded south facing roof available for solar panels. To produce 8,600 kWh AC per year, this home would need a 4.7 kW AC (5.75 kW DC) solar system.

8,600 kWh AC / 365 days = 23.5 kWh AC per day

23.5 kWh AC / 5 sun hours per day = 4.7 kW AC (5.75 kW DC)


8,600 kWh AC / 1,500 kW DC = 5.75 kW DC

  • Determine the system size and annual kW AC production.

Example: As only 300 square feet of roof space is available for the solar system, the largest system that can be installed is a 2.45 kW AC (3 kW DC) system.

100 square feet = 1 kW DC

300 square feet = 3 kW DC (2.45 kW AC)

This 3 kW DC solar system will produce approximately 4,500 kW AC per year which is more than half of the 8,600 kW AC that the home uses annually.

2.45 kW AC x 5 sun hours per day x 365 days = 4,475 kWh AC per year


3 kW DC x 1.5 kW AC = 4.5 kWh AC per year

Monitor the success of your system.

An internet based monitoring system is provided free of charge with the Eagle Solar Roof. See real-time graphs showing the power output of your system and track performance over time. You see the results of your investment immediately


Installation is simple and can be done by an authorized roofer, electrician and/or solar integrator.

Net Metering

When your solar system produces more energy than your home uses, the excess is sent into the power grid. Your utility will credit you for the excess energy that your solar system produces. The inverter changes the electricity from DC into AC. At night, when your solar system is not producing energy, you will draw electricity from the grid. Your credited electricity will be used before you are charged for using electricity from the grid.

Rebates & Incentives

Federal, state and utility rebates and incentives are available for almost all areas.

Federal Rebates & Incentives

For both new construction and existing homes, a 30 percent federal tax credit is available for residential solar systems. Visit www.irs.gov for more information.

State Rebates & Incentives

State rebates and incentives vary greatly and can change frequently. To find the most up to date information about solar rebates and incentive in your area, please visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy

Utility Company Rebates & Incentives

Many utility companies offer rebates and incentives for solar system used in residential applications. It is best to check with your local utility company to determine what is available to you.

Find out how much money solar can save you with these calculators

  • Find Solar - Solar Calculator
  • Calculate a rough estimate of the size and cost of a solar system in your area.
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory - PV Watts On Grid Solar Calculator
  • Determine how much energy you can save annually by installing photovoltaics.
  • California Energy Commission - Clean Power Estimator™
  • Determine system cost, energy production, payback timeline and more.
  • Download informative product brochures and more Visit our product literature page to download more information on the Eagle Solar Roof.
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