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We Offer Storm Repair For Your Atlanta Home

Storm repair

We never know when a disaster will strike.

You need reliable service from professional craftsmen for storm repair for your home in Atlanta when it does. Call us, and we will assist you every step of the way.

Storms will come and go, but you can count on All In One Exterior to be up and running after they pass, for we are a locally owned and operated company. You will have peace of mind knowing that you can call upon the same company throughout the life of your home and /or warranties.

All In One Exterior Offer the Best Service for Storm Repair. Over 25 years of Experience and Expertise, Results in Highest Standard and Quality we Guarantee. Serving Sandy Springs, Flowery Branch, Buford, Alpharetta, and Atlanta, GA.

Contact Us For A Free Quote or More Information at 404-445-8136. We're the roofing contractor you need on your side for storm repair service. Below is some helpful information about storm damage.

Hail Damage Roof Repair

Recent hail impact damage to asphalt shingles requiring storm repair will have the following characteristics:

  • Asphalt exposed will be dark black in color.
  • Coincident soft spot ("bruise") with freshly exposed asphalt.
  • There may be some loose granules remaining within the impact area.
  • No shrinkage of reinforcement at impact-caused fractures.
  • Other collateral indications of recent large hail

New hail impact damage to cedar shingles and shakes:

  • Bright hail impact mark/indentation on the wood. Coincident fracture with bright-colored wood in the fracture.
  • Punctured area in wood that exposes brightly-colored underlying wood. Broken pieces of wood still present.
  • Bright marks or indentations in the cedar from hail impact are readily visible. The marks and indentations do not represent functional damage, but the presence of hail and relative size(s) normally can be confirmed.
  • Splits from hailstones occur at the moment of impact. Marks or indentations in the wood without splits are not damaging to the wood.

We're the Atlanta roofing contractor you need in your contacts to call as soon as you even suspect you have a problem.

Old Hail Damage To Shingles

Old hail impact damage to asphalt shingles will have the following characteristics:

  • Asphalt exposed will be weathered gray in color.
  • "Bruised" area is now bare, or the remaining granules are not particularly loose.
  • There is shrinkage or curling of the shingle reinforcement from the center of the impact area.
  • No collateral indications of recent large hail. Possibly collateral indications of large hail such as dented metal, but without fresh spatter marks.

Old hail impact damage to cedar shingles and shakes:

  • No fresh marks on the wood surface, but some weathered indentations visible in the wood.
  • Splits with large indentations have at least some weathering along the top of the split.
  • No collateral indications of recent large hail. Possibly collateral indications of large hail such as dented metal, but without fresh spatter marks.
  • The lack of fresh markings on the cedar surface would indicate that significant hail had not fallen recently.

Hailstorm Characteristics

  • Random aspects of hailstones include size, shape, density, and fall pattern.
  • Very large hailstones often have irregular shapes and can have knobs or spikes.
  • Larger hailstones generally are fewer than small hailstones when both are present in a storm.
  • Hailstone trajectories and speeds are affected by size of the stones and the wind in the hailstorm.
  • Impact energy from a hailstone increases exponentially with hailstone size (see kinetic energy Table 1).
  • Perpendicular impacts impart the most energy; glancing blows transmit less energy.

Hailstones fall during some thunderstorms, with hailstones 3/4-inch diameter or larger being one of the National Weather Service (NWS) criteria for a severe thunderstorm. The central portion of the United States is one of the parts of the world where large hail is most frequent (see Figure 1).

Hailstone Formation Process:

Hailstones are "cycled" from lower to upper regions of a thunderstorm (cumulonimbus) cloud until the storm updrafts are no longer able to suspend the weight of the hailstones (Figure 2). A layer of ice accretes onto the hailstone each time it is carried upward and downward through the thunderstorm cloud. Milky, white-colored rings of less dense ice are formed high in the cloud where super-cooled water droplets freeze and entrap bubbles of air. Transparent rings of ice are formed low in the cloud nearer the freezing level in the atmosphere where greater quantities of liquid water are available (Figure 3).

Hailstorm Path:

In typical severe thunderstorms, the swath of hail will contain the largest hailstones in only a portion of the path, with smaller pea- to marble-sized stones found throughout the swath (Figure 4). At a given property location, falling hail will leave marks or dents on many different surfaces or materials. This can provide information on the relative size(s), quantities, and direction of the hailfall (Figure 5).

Wind Damage Roof Repair

Your residential roofing is the most important feature of your home. At any time, if you think it's been compromised, it's crucial to get a professional roofing assessment. Luckily, All In One Exterior Offer can provide a free inspection in the aftermath of weather events, including high winds.

Older rooftops are more susceptible to wind damage, but no roof is immune to potential damage from wind. Wind damage can come in all shapes and sizes; common issues are loose shingles or missing asphalt.

A new roof can take the brunt of sheer wind force and end up damaged. An older roof with the structural integrity already in question can be all but destroyed. Whether you need resulting repairs or total replacement is yet to be seen, but our team will take excellent care of you.

When you need the best in Atlanta for storm repair service, give our company a call right away. The time you delay could be the difference between repairs or the need for replacement.

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